Here is the reason I wrote, Be Free Here and Now: The second to last line says it all.

With my nose against the window looking out on the main street of our house, I saw the tanks rolling by.

Fear gripped my whole body. I was only eight years old, yet I knew my life would never be the same again!

After a grueling escape from Hungary, our feet touched the ground on our second attempt to reach Vienna, Austria on a cold early morning in mid-November.

We had slipped across the border on the back of a horse drawn carriage, covered with hay and a blanket.

For a long time after our escape, we looked behind us and did not feel safe. Our freedom vanished. Our little family of four, my parents, brother and I, became refugees looking for shelter.

Fast forward several decades later and a lot of water under the bridge, I sat gazing out the window of my home in Canada, thinking about my life.

I realized I had to share my experiences and lessons learned as a refugee, now awakened being, psychotherapist and yoga teacher. And had to reveal where and how I had uncovered my freedom.

I knew most people were still hungry for their sovereignty and ability to lead their own lives as they wanted.

As serendipity would have it, my book came out in March 2020, the month Covid-19 lockdown was announced in Toronto.