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With new ideas, stories, and tools for being free, joyful and at peace, here’s Catherine’s latest book just out with Balboa Press, Found Here and on Amazon and other major distributors:

Awakening the Amazing in You is out! I poured my heart into writing my story in the book and met some incredible people with their awesome stories too. You’ll find great tools for overcoming your challenges and overwhelm in today’s world, as well as for becoming more of the real you!
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Crisis: We All Know What it Feels Like and It’s No Fun
Awakening the Amazing In You is filled with 13 true stories of people, just like you, who’ve had to survive crises, and how they navigated those times of trial to create new, magnificent lives. These essays show how to use life’s challenges to move to a higher level of life. They offer guidance and step-by-step instructions for turning your life into a series of ever more enriching moments—whatever you’re going through.
From New York Times bestselling author Janet Bray Attwood finding herself down to thirteen dollars and then making the dramatic decision to give it away to Catherine’s perilous escape from Communist Hungary to MaryLynn’s incredibly creative process for overcoming the trauma of rape, you’ll find yourself enthralled, shocked, delighted, and, at times, in tears.
Let the stories and life lessons in Awakening the Amazing In You be your support system. You’ll no doubt find yourself on these pages—with a map to move through any challenge life may have brought to you.

Catherine’s Newly Released Book is now available at the link below, on Kindle books:
It’s called Success Start Today and was written by Catherine Allon, Jack Canfield and other professionals. Hope you really enjoy it!

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