Here are some recent Radical Awakening testimonials:

Companion Guide to Life

“Be Free Here and Now”: is an easy companion guide to life! It offers short and deeply illuminating activities to help heal our past stories and clear the path forward. Catherine Allon has laid out the research and context for these activities in a way that is simple and light moving forward on the path to greater awareness, love and peace with ease. By laying out the activities and information in this way, Allon helps us combat information overload that can keep us weighed down on the hamster-wheel of our own conditioned negative thoughts…I laugh more every day since reading Catherine Allon’s book – just one of her many gifts to readers!”

Stephanie Crocker, Profession Non-Profits’ Consultant

Peaceful and relaxed

Catherine was perceptive. She challenged me and we went deep but ultimately it was soothing.
I was glad I walked to the session since walking home through the ravine allowed me to prolong the wonderful feeling of relaxation even further.
Very worthwhile

Linda Gregory

Calmer and more centered

“Wishing to thank you for your Radical Awakening treatment.I was beside myself with panic and not knowing what to do with myself.You gifted me with your treatment and I was calmer and more centered after. I remain calmer and more centered since then.Thank you.”

L.W., Registered Massage Therapist

Deep state of peace & freedom

“I am so grateful to Catherine for the radical awakening experience. My awareness was opened and expanded, allowing me to feel a deep state of peace and freedom. I became aware of the strength of my internal resources and an enhanced joy for life. I have brought this greater sense of awareness to my relationships, work and leisure and can now cultivate greater compassion towards myself and others.”

FJ-mental health practitioner

Beautiful Experience

“Catherine is an amazing healer. Her radical awakening helped me to free myself. It was a beautiful experience and I highly recommend it.”

C.B., Energy Healer, Iridologist

Strong impact

“I experienced a lightening of the psychological burdens we bear. It had a strong impact on me. The Radical Awakening led me deeper into myself…”

R.D. Art Teacher

With love and deep respect

“Catherine and I met about 12 years ago. Since that time I have always been impressed with her drive to get to know herSelf better. Through this desire she has so much to offer others. Among her offerings are yoga, Radical Awakening, and empathy classes for children in schools, to name a few. For me the most important factor, which, as a friend, I can attest to, Catherine is one who lives through her heart and that is what transformation is all about….With love and deep respect”,

J.G., Teacher

Sweet Humor

‘With appreciation for your excellent guidance and sweet humour!’

DA – Nutritionist

Invaluable Gift

I couldn’t be where I am at this moment without you. Your support has been an invaluable gift. Thank you. With much gratitude,

PGK – Yoga Studio Owner and Instructor

Highest Regards

’I just provided what I think was an honest, very, very positive reference for you; you are someone for whom I have the highest regard.’

JM – Management Consultant

Advice & Wisdom

You have always been there with advice and wisdom even if sometimes it’s only a quick note of touching base or encouragement – which has always made me feel so great.

BES – Writer, Editor

Angelic Friend

My dearest angelic friend who always knows when I need your kindness. Thank you.

MOR – Colleague
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