In Memory of Louise Hay

With the recent passing of Louise Hay, I am expressing my great gratitude for her enormous contribution by keeping her work alive! She advocated becoming aware of how our beliefs impact our lives. For a happier life, she strongly supported changing our beliefs through affirmations! I invite you to use these affirmations with awareness and allow them to alter your present beliefs!

Feel each affirmation with every ounce of feeling you can give to it! Saying these affirmations and others of your choosing, as often as possible, maintain them in your subconscious mind. While holding your Name for the Creator (Great Spirit, God, Source, Mystery, Universe) in your heart, offers a blissful feeling throughout the day. Being thankful for all that you have and are, raises your vibration and energy and fills you with joy instantly and endlessly.

The following affirmations can be used often and at any time during the day:

It is my intention that I remain fully aware and experience a harmonious lifestyle.

It is my intention that I experience health and energy that lead me to creative adventures.

It is my intention that I am well-provided for with my basic needs and all of the things that I need to experience life abundantly.

Or you could say, Thank you for my Divine, blessed, joyous, peaceful, loving and abundant Life.

Gratitude and gratefulness bring you eternal inner abundance.

Giving thanks brings you to a state of Grace!

Enjoy the winter season and the beauty of nature! Love and Light,