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Awakening the Amazing in You

Awakening the Amazing in You is out! I poured my heart into writing my story in the book and met some incredible people with their awesome stories too. You’ll find great tools for overcoming your challenges and overwhelm in today’s world, as well as for becoming more of the real you! Please head over to… Read more »

Be Free Here and Now

Now Newly Revised With new ideas, stories, and tools for being free, joyful and at peace, here’s Catherine’s latest book just out with Balboa Press, Found Here and on Amazon and other major distributors:

Now available as a Best Seller Book

‘Success Starts Today!’ by Catherine Allon and Jack Canfield and over 20 other thought-leader authors. Catherine has written on the areas of Awareness, Acceptance, Attitude, Amusement (Joy) and Appreciation for Meaningful Success! Get Your Copy Now

Stress, Yoga and Awareness

We’ve all heard so much about stress, yet it remains a mystery like the weather. Depending on the amount of stress, it can have a positive or negative effect on the body, mind and emotions. Our reactions to stress can create an energy gain or drain and it may be beneficial depending on its short… Read more »

In Memory of Louise Hay

With the recent passing of Louise Hay, I am expressing my great gratitude for her enormous contribution by keeping her work alive! She advocated becoming aware of how our beliefs impact our lives. For a happier life, she strongly supported changing our beliefs through affirmations! I invite you to use these affirmations with awareness and… Read more »